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Skincare Order: Your Guide to Radiant Skin

Today, let’s delve into a topic that’s on everyone’s radar—the skincare order. After all, who doesn’t want skin that not only looks great but also feels genuinely happy? So, gather your favorite products, and let’s take a closer look at how to apply them in the right order!

Why does the skincare order matter?

The sequence in which you apply your products is crucial because applying heavier products first might hinder the penetration of certain ingredients. The rule of thumb is lighter to heavier. The correct order ensures that our products work in harmony, giving our skin the attention it craves.

Decoding the skincare sequence


Kickstart your skincare routine with a gentle cleanse, as if you were giving your skin a refreshing morning wake-up. Get rid of any impurities and sebum on your skin, for a clean start to your leave-on products.


Think of a toner as the perfect prelude to get your skin ready for the festivities ahead. Choose one that hydrates your skin and serves as the perfect foundation for any follow-up product.


Apply your serum with finesse! Serums act like magical elixirs, providing that extra something to your skin. Our Oriental Radiance Ritual is an excellent standalone product and pairs perfectly with others to prep your skin for the next steps.

Eye Cream

The eye cream steals the spotlight if you’re targeting specific concerns such as puffiness or dark circles. Apply a small amount around your eyes and gently pat it in with your ring finger. Avoid applying too close to the eye to prevent potential irritation. You can also just use your regular moisturizer if it’s safe to use around the eyes in case you’re only looking to hydrate the eye area.


Treatments come in various forms and sizes. Generally, they are applied after your basic skincare routine is done.


Seal the deal with a moisturizer. It protects and keeps your skin radiant throughout the day.


In the morning, your skin needs its own bodyguard. Apply sunscreen generously because sun protection is non-negotiable!

Remember, some steps are optional, while others are non-negotiable. You don’t need a 10-step skincare routine, but understanding your skin’s needs helps you combine the necessary products better. For beginners, a simple routine of cleanser, serum or moisturizer, and sunscreen is sufficient.

Tips for a proper skincare application

Waiting times: Give your skin short breaks in between steps to allow each product to be absorbed fully.

Light to heavy: Apply lighter textures first, followed by heavier creams. Your skin will repay you with a radiant glow!

Have a look at the formulation: This might sound overwhelming, but often enough you can tell what kind of product you’re dealing with by a few of the listed ingredients. Some brands name regular face oils “serums”, so if you were to apply this product before a water-based product simply because it’s called a serum, you’d be doing it wrong. You can easily tell that the product is a face oil with a look at the ingredient list. Common traps are facial oils or light emulsions named serums. If your serum is white, you can be sure that it’s a light emulsion (mixture of oils and water), so apply it after your water-based products. 

Why go through all this effort?

Because you’d be wasting a good amount of your products otherwise. Your skincare routine is more than just applying products; it’s about understanding what you’re putting on your face and why. Avoid using products because they’re currently trending. Use only what your skin needs, otherwise you’re only wasting your money and potentially risking damaging your perfectly healthy skincare barrier. A well-known life motto also applies in terms of skincare: less is more!

In our fast-paced world, your skincare routine isn’t just a necessity; it’s a self-care ritual. So enjoy yourself while taking care of your skin and self. 

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